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Community Education Toolkit

Shareable Resources

All of our shareable resources, like social graphics, PSA videos, influencer videos, and flyers, can be used free of charge.

Some materials are available here for direct download while others need to be downloaded from to help track usage.


Share our medical expert videos, event cutdowns, and video PSAs on social media.

Video: Back in the Game :60

Video: Why Should I Get Vaccinated? :58

Video: Former Presidents and COVID-19 Vaccine Facts :30

Video: Former Presidents and First Ladies ‘It’s Up To You’ :60

Video: Grandma :60

For Pharmacists: Answers to COVID-19 Vaccination Questions for HCPs

Video: Questions—Peer Stories :15

Video: How It Starts :30

Social: Image Can You Get 1x1

Video: Hear From Experts: How Quickly? :60

Video: Hear From Experts: Can I Get? :60

For Nurses: Answers to COVID-19 Vaccination Questions for Healthcare Providers