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Community Education Toolkit

Messaging that Resonates

What we say—and how we say it—matters. We conducted extensive qualitative and quantitative research, including cross-cultural focus groups, to uncover the most impactful messaging frameworks.

Use the strategies below to build confidence and trust, remind people why the vaccine is important, and help them see it as a critical step in protecting themselves and their families.


Validate concerns and answer questions

Lead with empathy and respect that people have real questions or concerns.

Reflect on moments missed

Remind people of the desire to get back to life and missed moments like visiting family and friends.

Help them see their effect on others

Emphasize that vaccination not only helps the individual, but also loved ones and neighbors.

Use a positive tone

Be inviting and respectful and acknowledge that the choice is theirs to make.

Do's and Don'ts

Provide a safe space for questions

Welcome people’s questions, respect that people have real questions or concerns and point them to the latest clear information. Be warm, welcoming, personal, authentic and inviting.

Don't say vaccines are the only way to get back to normal life

While vaccines are an incredibly important tool to fight the pandemic, everyone should continue additional precautions like wearing a mask, social distancing and washing hands frequently.

Download Messaging Guidance

This document provides messaging recommendations, do's and don'ts, language and tone considerations.

Creative Briefs

These creative briefs contain audience insights and messaging frames that will help you customize your communications.


Creative Brief for General Audiences


Creative Brief for Hispanic Audiences


Creative Brief for Black Audiences


Question and Answer Brief